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First Hand

I’ve seen God Get Real in Death first hand.

I remember the horror of the moment I found out my dad’s cancer had returned.

I knew what it meant.

It was in his liver and the year was 1987. My dad was 60 years old. My dad had been a devout believer all his life. He loved Jesus. I was fairly certain he would not linger. He did not. Within two months he was sitting in the arms of Jesus.

I had prayed that he would be completely healed. At the time I wondered why my prayer wasn’t answered.

Now 35 years later I know my prayers were answered. He WAS completely healed.

I relied on my dad daily back them and after he was gone I wondered how I would survive and thrive after he was in heaven.

Day by day, year by year I grew up.

I came to a point where I cherished every moment I had with him. I am now eight years older than he was when he died. Now, I understand what he knew then.

Several years ago I also lost my step-dad as well. He came along years after my dad died and he was a good man, Mr. Jones was. He was voraciously faithful and caring to my Mom. He was good to me. He, too is in the arms of Jesus.

Sitting WITH Jesus through eternity is the ultimate healing.

It’s where God Gets really real. Jesus IS our Hope.

In Jesus, Deborah IN the arms of Jesus


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