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Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine

Updated: Dec 4, 2020 & Gratitude

It’s No Joke...

I’ve been drawn to laughter all my life. I think that is because my Mom was funny in a practical way. She didn’t plan to be funny, but she did funny things. My dad, on the other hand planned funny escapades. He was a lifetime practical joker. He was an engineer by trade; humor was loving, intentional and calculating.

Laughter was not only important to my family, it was a way of life. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a hearty laugh. I have been told in school and in libraries to ‘quiet down’ when I laugh.

I worked for a large mortgage company for around 20 years before retiring. The campus where I worked had around 8K employees. People often told me they could hear me coming. When I asked them ‘how’ they would tell me “I heard you laugh”. Oh, yea...busted.

Now, when I grew up we didn’t actually know there were physical health benefits from laughing. Today, studies show there are many benefits we reap when we laugh. According to the Mayo Clinic, benefits include:

Stimulating organs, relieves stress, soothes tension, improves immunity, relieves pain, increases satisfaction, and improves mood (

I would also add that it improve relationships. If you laugh a lot, people gravitate to you. I mean, who doesn’t like a funny person?

The over arching point to humor, IS humor. God created humor. He created it so we would reap the benefits listed above. For those who might be skeptical about God having a sense of humor, if you doubt it, look up ‘blowfish’. His creation will make you laugh!


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