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De Stress #3

Workplace Stress Practice #3

Your Story

The American workplace can be brutal. Most jobs I worked for 30 years were based on production in one form or another.

I’ve worked as a newspaper editor and photographer and there were tight deadlines.

I’ve worked as a portrait photographer and there were time-limits (even when photographing a family with small children or pets…or small children and pets.)

I’ve also worked in a call center where we solved issues for high level executives. The expectation was that every resolution would be completed quickly and completely.

Each of those jobs had quotas.

There was stress.

In the call center environment the stress wasn’t based on how many calls we took. It was based on how well we solved the issue, and how quickly the issue was solved. Executives do not have time to waste, and they wanted a quick resolution.

In each position, I experienced different kinds of stress. I had to learn to be mindful of my body and mind so I could let go of stress.

For this mindfulness exercise, consider YOU.

Clear ‘space’ in your head.

I have to tell you this was not an easy exercise (for me) when I did it the first time. The good news is that I’ve learned to give myself lots of grace.

Your objective is to consider your story.

What story do you tell yourself about yourself?

Do you like your story? Do you know you can re-write your story?

This is how to start.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Clear your head. If you are a visual person see white space in your head.

Think of one thing you would l to be remembered for…

Decide what you can do to make that happen.

See yourself doing that.

Be that person.

Now, relax and take deep regular breathes.

Imagine yourself being that person you saw in your mind.

Let yourself feel what it would be like. How do others interact with you?

Believe you can be that person.

Stay in that place in your mind for as long as you want.

When you are finished tell yourself you like this new part of your story.

Repeat the exercise at work or at home as many times as you want. It’s a great way to reduce stress and train yourself that you are in charge of your story.

If you are a touching person, imagine you are giving yourself a hug.

In God, Deborah


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