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Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

The question, do miracles still happen today is sometimes a controversial subject among modern day Christians. Some say they definitely do still take place today. Others would argue that the time of Biblical miracles has passed. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the argument.

I think the best question is, ‘How do we recognize miracles today?’ Why is that? I think we have to consider the ‘way’ we see miracles. How do we define a miracle? Using scripture gives us great clues and helps us formulate a backdrop. God did perform incredible miracles at a time in history when we didn’t have other tools available. For example, parting the Red Sea was the best way God had to protect the children of Israel from the Egyptians, so God parted the sea. That was the best avenue available at the time to get Israel the protection they needed.

Consider that same miracle today. If a group of people who looked to God for protection were being chased by someone who was planning to destroy them and they came up against a large body of water, how might God get them across? Of course it depends on the situation, but today there might be several ‘ways’ God can act. If a bridge was available a few miles down the river, God could direct them to cross there. Then, I order to stop His children from being followed, God could direct them to form a plan of escape.

At the time of Moses there were no other options. There were no bridges. The Egyptians were one army chasing millions of Israelites. Escaping them on their own would have been almost impossible, so God parted the sea, let Israel through, and then God ‘loosed’ the water on top of the Egyptians.

It seems to me using the same scenario today where God directs His children to use a bridge to escape being captured is still a miracle. The miracle doesn’t look the same, but God gets the same result.

Now...I do realize that is a far fetched example, but you get the idea.

Miracles do still happen today.

I have witnessed miracles of protection from people. I’ve seen God protect families from being destroyed by a tornado. I’ve seen God’s hand of healing both instantly and slowly work to restore hearts and minds.

My twin grandsons are a perfect example. They were born at the end of week 23 of the pregnancy. They weighed 1.11 pounds and 1.8 pounds. The smallest twin is now over 4 feet tall and he runs Disney marathons!

On day five, the oldest twin who weighed one pound eleven ounces at birth had two brain bleeds. By God’s hand, he survived. Today he has Cerebral Palsy, but in his seven years, we’ve seen miracle after miracle that God has done for him. Some of those miracles were performed directly by God. Others were accomplished when God used gifted surgeons to help him by surgical means. Some of the miracles have been instant and others have occurred over the course of time.

Regardless of the means, God has done miracle after miracle for my grandson. Just this week I saw (via FaceTime) him grab the side of the back of his chair, turn, reach down and grab his walker, slide down till his feet were on the ground, and walk away. We didn’t think he would ever be able to even move his legs, but little by little he has grown strong enough to move his legs and walk.

Hour by hour, month by month God and his doctors and therapists made that miracle happen. What’s important to remember is that HOW it happened doesn’t really matter. God has been creator and sustainer for my grandson. His parents (my son and his wife) are his greatest cheerleaders and prayer warriors. While many people have prayed for my grandson, his parents walk with his and see his daily needs. Their prayers for their son have been whispered to God minute by minute.

In his case, while we’ve witnessed slow intentional miracles, we have also witnessed instant miracles done by God. More than once during a surgery, my grandson has been near death and we knew we were losing him but God stepped in and breathed life in him instantly.

What I’ve learned while walking with my grandson is that while there are many categories and kinds of miracles, God is in them all.

A flood or hurricane can destroy, but I’ve seen God still perform miracles today. What I’ve always noticed is that Romans 8:28 is truer than true. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Things don’t always (or they seldom) turn out like I expect, but God always brings good out of the bad.

In my life and ministry I’ve never had an abundance of money, but I’ve always had enough provision. My kids never went without a meal or a roof over their heads. We did live in a parsonage once where we had to use pots and pans to collect rain water from the leaky roof, but God kept us dry. Those pots and pans are now one of our best ‘stories’ we laugh about.

All things work together for good...

So, in scripture we read about God stopping the storm and God still does that today. We read about God protecting Daniel from the lions. Last week I saw a news story about a man who was being chased by a bear but when he dropped his backpack full of food, the man was able to get away.

I’ve seen God stretch a few dollars into provision for the rest of the month and that was a miracle.

I’ve seen people walk who were told they would never walk.

I’ve witnessed people who were tormented by evil who were given God’s great peace.

There have been times when I knew angels protected me from harm.

I’ve seen the miracles of science...and I was reminded that it was God who created science! That is a miracle!

I’ve been present when someone tormented by a godless existence, fell to their knees and surrendered to God.

THOSE are miracles. Unmistakably undeniably miracles from God to earth.

So, to answer the question...’Do miracles happen today?’

You betcha. God is alive and well on planet earth. God has not and will not forget us. It may not always be easy and our coffers may not be full, but when we turn to God, He will provide.

Of that, I am certain!

Today’s Spiritual Practice is: Thank God

Think of a time when God did a miracle for you, or you witnessed God doing a miracle for someone else. Thank God for His miracles today!

In Jesus, Deborah


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