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Do Nothing Dog Day

There are days when I learn great lessons about relaxation from watching my dog.

My dog is part poodle, part schnauzer…he is a schnoodle. I grew up with a poodle, and in my twenties and early thirties I had a miniature schnauzer. My current pup is the best of both worlds. He is a true emotional support dog.

Today, he is giving me great emotional support.

Allow me to explain. Yesterday was my tax day. I met with my tax professional and she did my taxes. I didn’t have to do anything except answer questions, but when I left I realized I was carrying a heavy load.

I tried to tell myself I needed to relax because my taxes were done and filed.

That didn’t help.

I felt tired the remainder of the day and I didn’t sleep well last night. Today I am still carrying the stress of tax day.

I realized I need to be intentional about ’dumping’ the stress I am carrying. As I thought about how to recuperate, I started watching my dog. He was sitting closer to me than he usually does. I realized he knows something is going on with me.

As I rub my hand across his back I close my eyes and I start wondering what it would be like to really relax…like a dog.

In dog years my schnoodle is about my age. He isn’t a pup anymore. He still occasionally walks fast but he seldom runs. When he’s had a stressful day (like going to see his doctor) he comes home and completely crashes.

He has a do nothing dog day.

He doesn’t fetch. He doesn’t walk fast. He goes outside and he quickly returns to a resting position.

Sometimes (like after we get our taxes done) we need to stop. We need to stop thinking.

We just need to breathe.

Maybe tax day isn’t stressful for you, and maybe your stress comes in other forms. However it comes, when you realize you are carrying a heavy load, give yourself permission to have a do nothing dog day.

It’s the healthy thing to do.

Enjoy, Deborah


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