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Fear and Trust

Series: Flowers in the Desert

Psalm 56:3 ESV

Genesis 16:23 (El Roi)

My dog and I have our own language that no one else could probably understand. That’s because I make up new words. It seems weird to some, but he understands every word completely. Even when it’s a command, he understands and he knows exactly what to do.

Psalm 56:3 says, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

The other miraculous thing about my dog is that when I stay relaxed, he stays relaxed. In other words if I’m not afraid, he trusts me.

Also, (I know you may find this difficult to imagine) my dog loves Jane Austen movies as much as I do.

He loves Jane Austen books.

He EVEN loves Jane Austen quotes.

Whenever I find a new Jane Austen quote and I read it to him he gets really excited. It makes him very happy.

You need to understand that my dog is not a pup. We’ve been together for many moons and we understand each other completely.

I trust him and he trusts me.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was that simple?

In some ways I think it is that simple.

For one, lavender is a great gift from God. While there are other calming elements found in plants, herbs, spices, etc. that God created, lavender has long been one of my favorite elements in my space.

Lavender soothes the soul.

Prayer can also soothe the soul. Can…because prayer can also activate and motivate. In other words, prayer gives us what we need. If we feel unsettled and we go to God and sit in the silence of God and open our hands and hearts, God the Spirit is there and knows what we need. Sometimes it’s difficult to receive what we need because we need to come to God with an open humble heart. We need to trust God with what comes. We need (and this is sometime the hard part) to receive and accept what God brings.

When I was younger that was a concern to me.

It’s not a big deal anymore. That’s because somewhere along the line I learned…really learned that God won’t ask me to do anything that frightens me or even intimidates me.

God never asks us to receive anything we aren’t prepared to receive.

That means being open to God daily gives God the time needed to prepare us for what lies ahead.

Some might say being open isn’t easy, and I agree that it is easier for some people than others. It’s actually easier for some personality types. It’s easier for people who don’t have control issues. But regardless of your personality and ability to let go of control, God can help you.

God can deal with whatever issues you face.

God can open new doors that you do not even know exist.

That’s because God IS God.

God is THE God.

There isn’t anything that God doesn’t know.

When you think about it that’s actually awesome news for you. It means you do not need to expend energy hiding your truth from God.

God is TRUTH and knows your truth.

So, back to anxiety.

Since God knows you and knows your truth, you do not need to hide from God (hiding doesn’t work anyway because God can see you wherever you are at).

In Genesis 16, Sarai’s servant Hagar became pregnant with Abraham’s child after Sarai gave her servant to Abraham. Sarai did that because she had not been able to conceive. But then Hagar flaunted her good fortune to her mistress Sarai, so Sarai sent her servant away. In Genesis 16:13, God told Hagar he SAW her. Scripture says Hagar responded, “you are the God who sees me.” The word for God in Hebrew is El Roi and it literally means ‘God who sees me’.

Then God told Hagar to return to her mistress Sarai and to stop flaunting her good fortune to her. God also promised Hager’s son Ishmael would father a nation (and he did).

We may think God does not see us, but that is not the case. God sees you. El Roi sees you.

We do not need to be afraid. Trust God. El Roi sees.

It’s still good to have a friend to lean on from time to time. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering how serious I am about my dog being a key element when it comes to having a friend I can talk to, I have to tell you my dog is one of the best therapists I know. He listens without taking notes while I speak. He makes eye contact. He is very empathetic.

Yes…I do know he is a dog.

I just don’t think that really matters.

Spiritual Practice: Trust El Roi

Tell God your deepest fear and desires. El Roi sees and hears.

In God, Deborah


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