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Goin’ Fishing

While there are benefits to sitting still and relaxing your mind in a controlled atmosphere, there are many ways you can relieve stress and relax your mind.

I learned when I was very young that my family was made up of people who loved to fish.

My paternal grandparents owned and operated a grocery store in Kansas City, Missouri from the 1930’s through the mid-1960’s. Day in and Day out they manned the store. Of course back in those days no one was open on Sunday, so that was their day off. Every Sunday they would go “down home” to check in on their parents.

When they had the opportunity, they would visit the local fishing ponds.

When they went on vacation their main space for rest and recreation included finding a quiet spot at a good fishing hole. My dad and my uncle would take turns ‘manning’ the store when they went on vacation.

I’ve seen photographs of my grandparents displaying their catch.

Getting away from work for them meant they would go fishing.

My dad followed in their footsteps. He loved to fish. My parents had a pontoon boat on a lake in Kansas City for years. While I have never been as good at fishing than my parents, I do know how to catch a fish, bait a hook, and with the help of good pliers, get the hook out. I was interested in fishing if they were biting, but my main form of relaxation has always been reading a good book. Even when I had a line in the water, I had a book in my hand.

My sons (two in particular) love to go fishing.

They both have had very stressful jobs and getting out of the city with fishing gear in hand has been a great form of stress relief. Spending time at the river or the sea can wipe away every care.

Within minutes of arriving near the water, you can see their face, their muscles, and their mind begin to relax. I remember one fishing trip in particular where we set aside time to relax and recuperate. We took time to relax near a beautiful river together.

So, if sitting in a comfortable position using imagery to help you clear your mind is not your cup of tea, maybe sitting at a river with a pole in your hand is a better fit for you. Ultimately, whatever works for you, make time to do it.

Your mind needs a break from time to time so give yourself permission to relax.

BE Relaxed, Deborah


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