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Gods Peace

Colossians 3:15 NKJV

BE Grateful

The Apostle Paul’s comment to the Colossians strikes me as being truer than true and deeper than deep.

In Colossians 3:15 he wrote, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

The word that cuts like a knife is: LET

That one word aptly describes my walk with God for the last several years because I came to the realization that if I would simply get out of God’s way, He could do mighty things.

The first time I really realized that God doesn’t really need my help, I was speechless. My goal since that time has been to LET God be God.

I have to admit that it’s been somewhat of a difficult journey, because it required a complete overhaul of part of my theology.

Allow me to explain. I am an American. I was born in the heart of the USA. my ancestors were cowboys…farmers. They were big on DOING.

My culture taught me if I want to get anywhere, I have to DO it myself.

The only person in my family who came close to surrendering to God so God could do it was my dad. He wasn’t heralded a hero for his thoughts on God. Even though he was well thought of because of his kindness, most people thought he went too far with the surrender thing.

I’ve come to believe He didn’t go too far.

I learned that as a student when I spent significant time in Spiritual Direction. I learned that I need to open my heart and mind to God and wait for His direction.

Also during my time as a student in Spiritual Direction, I sat with people who did listening prayer. I learned to listen for the still small voice of the Spirit of God.

In Seminary I learned to research God’s written Word for answers. I was taught how to connect to the ancient text. I started to see building blocks emerge as I added listening to research. Each step of the way I struggled how not to DO. Instead of doing, I learned how to BE in God. I learned to:






I had to ask God to help me as I learned to wait. I asked God to show me how to be patient.

I asked God to give me a sign…something I could look for as I waited.

At first when i tried to be quiet it was very hard to tune out the noise in my head. It took time for me to know what it was that God sent. Eventually I came to realize the sign that The Spirit of God gave me was peace.

Whenever God was hovering and was about to move my heart, I would experience great peace.

Once again, in Colossians 3:15 the Apostle Paul wrote, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

Gradually and ever so carefully, I came to realize that there were others who understood. Others were learning to wait. Others yearned for the still small voice. Others understood the importance of experiencing God’s PEACE.

I’ve had precious moments that are forever etched in time when I’ve connected with others those who wait for God’s peace and listen for the still small voice.

Those precious moments helped me to realize we are not limited by our space because God connects us through His Spirit.

God had and has a magnificent plan.

It all started with waiting. Listening. Receiving God’s peace. Connecting to the Spirit of God and to the body.

And I am ever so thankful.

Today’s Spiritual Practice is: Wait. Listen. Receive Peace. Connect.

Sit in a comfortable spot. I’ve been told it’s not a good idea to lay down but sometimes I want to lay down and so I do.

As you wait, pay attention to your breathing. Let your breathing be your guide to opening your ears.

God is IN you and will speak when you are ready to hear. Know that God desires to speak to us. Do not try to force anything. Continue to let your breathing be your guide. As you wait you may have a desire to love God. Some people call God Father or Papa. In the movie, The Shack God was Mama. I’m fine with that Theology. Call God and connect with God in a way that helps you to connect to God.

When you are ready, God will speak. It may be a feeling, a word, or a knowing. God speaks to all of us in different ways. There isn’t one way to hear God. The Spirit speaks to all of us according to our gifts and personality.

As you receive let the Spirit of God be your connector.

I would advise you to write down what God tells you.

Thank God for being God.

In God, Deborah


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