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 Series; Always Relevant: God is

Isaiah 40:31 MSG

Today we start a new series that will speak to the ever constant relevancy of God. 

God’s word is always relevant in every situation and with every generation. I was recently praying about what this next series would be about and I kept running across words that were used in a context that I didn’t completely understand. 

After a while I started to see a pattern develop. When I started researching the words I realized there was a common thread. 

They were new words or old words that had new meaning. 

When I looked them up the search sent me either to a slang dictionary or a dictionary of new words, or the Urban Dictionary. 

For example, the word Hawking in the traditional sense can mean hunting with or for Hawks (a bird).

It can also mean selling goods for a living (

In the Urban Dictionary it can refer to an experienced aviator who can quickly change altitudes and/or airspeed.

However, I came across the word ‘hawking’ in my research for new or relevant words that can mean to “hang onto, fix or attach to” something. I found that ‘something’ could refer to a variety of items or concepts (

I love new words so at this point I was starting to warm up to the word, hawking!

From studying various languages (Spanish, French, Hebrew, Greek) I’ve learned that language is fluid. The meaning can change over time. For example a generation can redefine a word to have a new meaning. 

In college I had a Spanish Professor who grew up in Central America. He told me that English can be a very difficult language to learn because we are constantly changing the meanings of an English word. When I asked for an example he cited several words that he struggled to understand. My ‘takeaway’ from our conversation was that English is much more difficult to learn than some other languages. 

For example, when I visited England I was very confused about word usage. Many words that we commonly used in the United States have a completely different meaning in the U.K. I started to understand what my professor was talking about. 

In terms of scripture definition and usage, we find another layer altogether. I tend to use the English Standard Version (ESV) because it is considered to be a contemporary version. In Seminary I was told it is literal and accurate. 

As we explore new meanings and usage for this series I have been looking to versions that are still accurate but are paraphrased in modern language usage. The Message and The Amplified Bible are a few examples. 

The point is in any language, the text IS relevant for all the generations. 

The text is accurate. 

Our first word, Hawking is defined as hanging onto. 

In terms of scripture we look to Isaiah 40:31:

“Those who wait upon God get fresh strength.    They spread their wings and soar like eagles,They run and don’t get tired,    they walk and don’t lag behind.” 

We need to be hawking God when times are tough. We need to hang onto God. 

Remember, God is always always always hawking us. 

Day and night, night and day, God loves us and desires our company. The Prophet Isaiah wrote from a perspective of what we experience when we have a deep desire to hang onto God. The prophet is telling his readers that when we turn to God and wait we will be refreshed. 

When we wait on God we will be able to take flight like the great Eagle. 

When we turn to God we will be able to run and run and we will not get tired. That’s because when we turn to God we are not relying on our own strength. We are relying on God’s strength. In addition to that, when we make a habit of sitting with God we learn how to refuel continuously. 

That’s exactly what God desires from us. 

God is continuously hawking us and God wants us to continuously hold onto (hawk) in return. 

When we practice Hawking God we won’t get tired and we won’t lag behind. 


That’s why I love that word.


God is always hawking us (holding onto us) and we desire to be hawking God. We are human, but we can grow as we practice. 

Today’s Spiritual Practice is: Hawk God

God is hawking you.  You have the option to respond. 

In God, Deborah


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