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Overview, Part 1

Genesis 2:4a

Our take away from the first part of ‘The Beginning’ is a realization that every day God’s creation was a result of His love. From Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3, we see the character of God spill out over creation.

In Genesis 2:4a, we read “This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens”.

We learned before creation, there was God. God was, is, and will be. God is infinity which means there is no beginning and no end.

The first words in Genesis start with, “In the beginning” so that refers to what God (who had no beginning and no end) created. It all started with the ‘Ruach’ or breath of God. God breathed and that started to process of creating the heavens and the earth.

The breath of God was filled with the character of who God IS. God poured His entire being into creation. God created all things that would be needed in order for creation to survive.

God gave light on Day 1

God created the firmament (atmosphere) on Day 2.

God created earth that included dry land, plants, and water on Day 3.

God made lights in the sky for day and night on Day 4.

On Day 5, God created sky and sea creatures.

Then, on Day 6, God created animals, man and woman.

Along the way, God created organisms and micro cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye because He knew the earth would need them. He created animals of all kinds and gave them a food chain so they would survive because He knew we would need those animals. God created lights in the sky for both day and night because He knew we would need them in order to survive. Not only did God create man and woman in his image, He created a way for them to have everything they need in order to survive.

That is because it was about us.

It was about God’s love for us.

Out of God’s love, the breath of God created man and woman in His image and He gave us a way to survive.

Certainly, when God created man and woman and told them to be fruitful and multiply, the intent was that their love would multiply. The fruit of God’s love, even today is intended to be the undergirding of all creation. The very character and nature of God was given to us.

Not only did God give us (seeds) for fruit to eat, God gave us the capability to possess the fruit of His character.

From beginning to end in scripture, the character of God exists.

We also need to note that because man is not God, He gave us a way to be redeemed. In Chapter 2 and 3 of Genesis we will look at why redemption was needed. But, before we continue studying the creation story from Genesis 2 and 3 we need to look at a few specific verses written in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul because they set the stage for those chapters.

We know Paul was highly educated in Hebrew traditions and culture and he was a Jewish Pharisee prior to his conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Because of that, Paul had a unique perspective that helped him to understand from the character of God from the beginning. So, through the eyes of Paul we are going to look at the character of God as it relates to creation in Genesis 2 and 3.

For Today, our Spiritual Practice is: Remember

I love this practice because when we remember what God has done for us, those things build our faith. As you go throughout your day, remember the day God called and you answered His call. Remember what it felt like. Consider how far you have come from that day to this. From your journey, remember one other time when God blessed you. Write those days on your heart so when you are old God can bring them to you.

In God, Deborah


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