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Introduction to Sacred Thin Space

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I love sacred spaces...places that foster the presence of a Holy God on earth.

I am primarily Irish American and because of that I’ve studied Irish (Celtic) Spirituality. While studying several years ago I came across a term known as “Thin Spaces”. A thin space was described as a sacred space where heaven and earth are ‘Thin’. Since then I’ve read about ‘Thin Places’ and the definition is very similar.

After I read that, I became aware of my space in a Spiritual sense. I came to realize that when I first wake up in the early morning hours, the SPACE between heaven and earth is sacred for me. Through the years I have come to relish those early moments I experience when I first wake up.

I’ve had dreams and visions for the better part of my life (since before I was a teenager). I’ve also noticed that when I have a dream that I know is from God, I can “sit” with God in that thin space and I can learn more about the dream.

I’ve also noticed even if I don’t have a significant dream, I still have a strong sense God’s presence in those first moments when I was up. Those sacred moments are not the only times I experience thin spaces, but they certainly are frequent. Knowing God is ever so close as I sleep is beyond comforting.

I love the thin space...the sacred moments that begin my day.

That’s partly why I wanted to have a special segment on the crazy journey website dedicated to sacred spaces. They are holy, set apart, and special moments that carry me through my day. Because of that, I want to share some of my thin spaces as they come.

If you are a “fan” of sacred spaces, I would love it if you would join and share some of your knowledge about your sacred space.

Be Blessed, Deborah


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Early Morning Thin Space

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