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Just A Formality

New Series Funny Sayings

Funny Thing #1

Proverbs 31:25 NIV

I love Erma Bombeck because she was so gutsy, funny, and she was so right!

I laughed out-loud when I read this quote:

“When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”—Erma Bombeck

I laughed because in her younger years it reminded me of my Mom.

One thing I could always count on about my Mom is that she would ‘get the job done.’

It didn’t matter what the job was…somehow she got it done.

I remember a time when she decided to work on the plumbing when my dad was gone. There was much bashing of teeth but she got it done.

I remember a time when she was sewing a formal for me out of shiny slick fabric and it was horrible to work on…but she didn’t give up until it was picture perfect complete.

I remember her cooking dinner when she was really sick and she kept going until the table was set and the food was on the table.

I remember the day my dad died…she was 59 years old (he was 60). He was her dance partner for life and then he was gone. She just put one foot in front of the other and she kept going.

My Mother can do anything she sets her mind to, still today at 95 years young.

That includes speaking her mind if she has something to say.

She has a saying that she repeated so many times that I knew it be heart even when I was a child, “Somebody said it couldn’t be done but he with a chuckle replied, maybe it couldn’t but he wouldn’t be one who said so till he tried. So he buckled right in with a bit of a grin and if he was afraid he didn’t show it. And he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done and he did it.”

I learned it because when I was a child and I would say, “I can’t do it!” She would say those words.

…and I would secretly roll my eyes.

I didn’t dare let her see…because she would have said it again!

Wise King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

That’s my Mom.

Even at 95 she gets up, she gets dressed, and she laughs that she woke up one more day. Now, mind you she says every every day that she’s okay if Jesus comes for her today.

She says she’s ready.

But when she wakes up she kinda says, “well, I’m still here so I might as well get showered and dressed.”

So, when I read the Erma Bombeck quote I thought of me and my Mom. Even when I really really did NOT want to hear her ‘somebody said’ quote yet one more time, she WAS going to say it.

So…the really really funny, not funny part is that every every every every one of my children can recite that saying.

And every one of them probably has an internal bell go off when they get stuck on a problem.

And I’m not positive (I’d have to ask) but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my older grandchildren know that saying.

I suppose that’s part of the deal of being a Mom, at least in my family. It was my Mom who kept us going day in and day out.

It was my Mom who kept us on a schedule.

It was my Mom who fed us, and made sure everything was clean. Especially my face. Always with the face.

It was my Mom who told us to get dressed for church even when we thought we were too old to have to go every Sunday. EVERY Sunday.

It was my Mom who reminds us…reminds me every every every day that she loves me.

It’s my Mom who tells me every day even if Jesus comes for her that night, she will see me again.

It’s my Mom who believes in me…regardless of what I said or what I did.

It’s my Mom who never ever gives up on me.

That’s my Mom.

Oh, and God, have I told you thank you lately for my Mom?

Spiritual Practice: Thank God

Whoever encouraged you, thank God for them.

In God, Deborah


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