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My Song

Psalm 28:7 ESV

God IS our champion!

God protects us from danger. God is stronger than anything we will face.

When we turn to God, He will fight FOR us in every sense of the word.

That means if we start a new business venture, we can ask God to strengthen our position in that market.

If we are facing a difficult legal battle we can ask God for strength.

When we face a our fears in light of a medical issue, we can turn to God to ask Him to fight FOR us and give us strength.

I assure you that when I had tests in Hebrew Class in Seminary, I was on my knees the night before asking God to strengthen me and help me to remember everything I studied!

God’s strength for us knows no bounds.

In the same way God is our shield. That means God will shield us from danger and it also means God will shield us from our own anxiety. God will shield us from fear. God will shield us from our pain. God shields our sorrow.

God is our shield.

Psalm 28:7 tells us, “The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.”

David knew as we turn to God and ask for strength and protection we will gain confidence and trust in this God we serve.

David’s psalm reminds us that our God IS our help. There is none like God. Nothing in the universe compares to God.

David was pursued by King Saul’s mighty army for years and they were unable to catch or conquer him.

That must have driven King Saul crazy!

What King Saul didn’t know is that David was fully surrendered to God. David wasn’t relying on his own strength. He relied on God to be his strength and shield.

Because David turned to God and completely trusted in God’s protection and help, David was in God’s care.

In the same way we can turn to God to rely on God’s strength, protection, and help.

We know today when we surrender and turn to God, nothing is stronger than our God.

Nothing we face is stronger than God. Even if our struggle is an internal fear or if our struggle comes from an external source, God is stronger.

And so, we praise God! We praise God for being our strength and shield.

We open our hands to receive God’s strength.

Ultimately while God does call us to serve, it’s not really about what we DO for God. Even in serving, it’s about what God HAS for us.

When we serve, WE grow.

When we serve, WE learn.

When we serve, we gain understanding.

When we serve we begin to understand what God HAS for us.

We learn what our personal song to God is about. Just like David who had his own song, YOU have a personal song between you and God.

My personal song is to ask God with each passing day to make me a stronger bolder writer.

I ask God to shield me from my own insecurities.

I ask God to give me help by speaking His words clearly to me. I ask to let His words be my words.

I praise God for giving me strength. I thank God for shielding me from my fear.

Daily I sing to God, Here’s my cup Lord, fill it up Lord, quinch the thirsting of my soul with You.

I trust God to give me His song every day!

So today, what is your prayer for strength, a shield, and what is YOUR song to God?

Today’s Spiritual Practice is: Your Strength, Shield, and Song

Write a prayer to God asking for Strength, a Shield, and a Song. Praise God for His answer.

In God, Deborah


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