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Relax Your Mind

Today’s practice will focus on relaxing your mind.

The workplace meditations are intended last less than 15 minutes. If you only have 5 minutes, that will help.

The point of meditation is to allow your brain to slow down and relax. This meditation is another suggestion of an imaginary place where you can let go of stress and allow your brain to go to a “happy” place.

Imagine you are by yourself on top of a mountain.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to see the sky.

Smell the fresh air.

Feel the mountain breezes.

Because of the altitude your breathing pattern has changed.

Relax and with every breath let yourself feel comfortable in your surroundings.

As you relax you become aware of your body. If you feel pain, let it go. Intentionally release the pain in your neck and arms.

Give yourself permission to relax.

Breath in the cool air.

In the distance you can hear sounds of life nearby. If it is distracting you, let it fly away.

Gentle release anything that comes into your mind.

When you release it, return to your breath.

Stay in this imaginary place as long as you want.

Remember there are no rules…this is your time to relax your mind.

When you are finished, tell yourself it was “good”.

You ARE good. You ARE wonderfully made. You are at peace.

Be Satisfied, Deborah


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