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Sitting with Trees

I love trees. I love the smell of trees, and I love hearing the branches rustle in the wind.

Trees are very special mostly because they serve multiple purposes.

They give life and breath to the environment. Trees provide oxygen and improve air quality. They help preserve the soil and help conserve water. Trees help moderate climate change.

They also provide shelter for birds and animals. They also provide wood for shelter and contain medicinal properties.

But hers’s the thing about trees, I believe there are hundreds of things trees can do that we haven’t even discovered yet.

Retreats don’t have to be an all day planned affair. You can plan a one hour retreat under the trees in a park or in a wooded area. Just setting aside one hour to sit under a bunch of trees is all you need. You’d be surprised how your oxygen levels will improve. It also seems like my mind clears and space to relax emerges.

During that time, peace emerges.

Sit in that space for as long as you like and BE at peace. You’d be surprised how healing it will be!

It’s that kind of peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:6) that can change our outlook and attitude for several days.

Peace, Deborah


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