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The Alien

We heard something outside. It sounded like a loud whistle.

We ran outside to check it out and we saw a spaceship landing. The door to the spaceship opened.

We didn't know what was inside the spaceship so we waited to see what would come out. The next thing we knew we saw a giant green blob. It was all green with one big dark blue eye. The blob looked really gooey.

I looked at Charle and asked, "do you think it's friendly? Or is it one of the alien blobs we've been hearing about that live on Mars?"

Charle shouted, "I think we should RUN!"

"I agree...let's go!"

The blob runs after them and grabs some batteries and puts them in the spaceship. Then it takes off again headed to Mars.

I looked at Charle. "If we would have known all the blob wanted was batteries we could have given it buckets full of batteries," said Charle.

Hummm...Yup, we could have helped him!

Story by Charle and Deb

Spaceship Illustration by Charle

Green Blob Illustration by Rex


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