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The Kitty

Old Sayings

Psalm 37:18-19 NCV

Ever so often I ask my Mom questions about the past. Since I’m fortunate enough to be able to interview someone who was born during the Roaring Twenties, I take advantage of that.

In this case I asked her if she knew what “the kitty” referred to. She said she knew exactly what it meant. That led to a discussion about what the 1930’s were like in Missouri. She was born in Mid-Missouri just north of Columbia. She said even though at the start of the depression she was young, she remembered some people had a hard time finding work.

My grandfather (her dad) was a railroad mechanic all his life and she said they always had good steady income. Because they had a two story house, during the depression they had visitors move in when they were having a rough time.

She said everybody in both families knew they were always welcome. Friends who needed a place to stay were welcome, too.

I asked her if they always had money in the kitty. She thought for a minute and she said they did, but they didn’t live extravagantly. Her mom knew how to stretch groceries and how to cook for a crowd.

She said they had plain shoes and clean clothes and that was all they needed.

She said she knew God would provide.

I remember hearing the saying, “What’s in the kitty?” as well. That seems strange since we didn’t have a jar of money in our house.

I don’t remember having a piggy bank.

We did have a dime store in Raytown, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City), but I don’t remember having money to buy anything.

What I remember is that at our house my dad talked about God providing everything we need. I don’t remember ever thinking I didn’t have everything I need.

Psalm 37:18-19 tells us, “The Lord watches over the lives of the innocent, and their reward will last forever. They will not be ashamed when trouble comes. They will be full in times of hunger.”

I grew up believing God provides what’s in the kitty. I need to be really clear though. We were not wealthy. We lived in a modest home in a modest neighborhood. No one in my neighborhood was rich. When I was a teenager I knew the only way I would have money was if I went to work, so I started babysitting when I turned thirteen. I babysat on weekends during the school year and I babysat full time during the summer.

As soon as I turned sixteen I went to work. I worked after school and saved up enough to pay cash for a new car and I paid for my own college. God provided a way.

I always felt blessed that God provided jobs so I could pay for college and buy my own car. I drove an ice cream truck as soon as I was old enough and I worked six days a week, thirteen and fourteen hours a day, I thought it was fun and that I was blessed to have a great job.

Before I got married I landed a job working for the railroad.  I was a clerk who walked the tracks rain or shine, day or night. It paid well and I knew God provided my job.

Later when we were ministry, I worked as a babysitter, as a newspaper reporter and editor, as an admin, and as a customer service representative.

God always provided.


I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have everything I needed growing up or as an adult.

I did not have everything I wanted. I did not drive expensive cars or live in expensive houses.

I had everything I needed.

There is a big difference between having everything we want and having everything we need.

God provided a way for me to graduate from college.

God called me to go to Seminary when I was 54 years old and God provided a way. While I was in Seminary full time I also worked a full time job and a part time job in a church.

Looking back I realize now that God provided a way for me to work two jobs while I was a full time student in Seminary. Seminary is a graduate program (you have to have a college degree to be accepted) and it requires144 hours to graduate. It took seven years but I graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 2013.

God provided a way.

When I retired I had a dream of having a website so I could write and help others as a Spiritual Director. I did some research and found an affordable option for a platform. I had a lot of trouble getting it set up and one of my daughters in law helped my dream come true.

God provided a way.

I hadn’t thought about the art work for the website, but I decided to learn how to do my own illustrations.

One of my granddaughters is a terrific artist and she is taught me a great program so I can learn how to do illustrations.

God provided a way.

You get the idea. God has always always provided “what’s in the kitty”.

I did the work and I loved doing the work. It was a blessing and it became part of my experience.

God provided the way. Every time. And I am very thankful.

Spiritual Practice: God’s Provision

How has God provided for you? Be thankful for God’s provision.

In God, Deborah


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