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Where God Gets Real

I couldn't think of a better title for this category, so I thought about what it "feels" like when God is totally involved in something. To me, it "feels" like that's where God Gets Real. need to understand that even though the Social Security Administration and Medicare classify me as a senior citizen, I am really just a kid. I am 4' 11" tall, and I can wear a size 3 in girls' shoes but I don't tell people that because most people don't even know shoes CAN be that small.

In addition to being short, I have a kid's heart. Even though I have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 20 to 4, I'm a kid.

The other thing about me that I think is pertinent is that I love to pray. I absolutely LOVE talking to God, and I love love love it when God talks to me. One of my favorite things is praying with children. They are SO real with God. No flowery words...just solid to the point stuff.

'Hey God, it's me. My dog is sick and I need you to heal him. Thanks.'

Now...that's real.

The biggest thing about getting real with God is that I think children can teach adults a lot of things about how to do it. See, adults used to know how to be real, but somewhere along the line they got caught up in what other people do and say about how things are supposed to be done. They 'lost' the real part.

The bottom line lesson for adults is: GET REAL. You don't need to sound "churchy". You don't need to dress up. God does not care if you wear sweatpants and worn out sneakers. God loves it when we are ourselves.

So, Chillax with God.

And laugh more. Love more. God loves LOVE (a lot) and He created laughter so we would GET REAL!

Love, Debo (AKA DKID)


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