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Workplace Stress 2

Practice #2

Sometimes relaxing in your work space can be beneficial.

It can help you “like” your job (and even if you like you job it will help you to like it more).

If your job is extremely stressed-filled you will need to re-write what you think about your job by learning how to relax.

For this exercise you are going to pay attention to the smells and sounds around you. If you do not smell anything, find something you have at your desk that has a meaningful scent. It could be a kind of food, a candle, or even lip balm. I intentionally keep things I like to smell at my fingertips. If you do not have any scent that makes you happy, get at least one. Jasmine makes me happy. A few other suggestions would be anything citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, or any kind of mint.

Once you have a scent, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. If your desk is a very noisy place (like in a factory) you may want to find a quiet place nearby. You can also stay at your desk and choose one sound to focus on.

You have one scent.

You have one sound.

Pay attention to how the scent makes you feel.

What does the sound you chose remind you of?

Let yourself enjoy the scent and the sound.

Stay in the same comfortable position for as long as you want. Breathe deeply.


End by telling yourself something you like about yourself or something you like about that moment.

In God, Deborah


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