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New Sayings

2 Corinthians 1:20 ESV

YAAAS (huge yes!)

I love all the new words and sayings this generation uses to express their huge abundance of feelings.

When YAAAS was on the list I wasn’t at all surprised. That’s because the millennials I know tend to let their yes be Yaaas. I think that’s why I love this generation!

Maybe that’s because I still remember what it’s like to be twenty something. I also remember that the generation that preceded the boomers were often quiet and intentional. In some ways they were shocked that boomers were audacious.

We were often told to tone it down.

Looking back, I now have a better understanding of what the generation that preceded the boomers had gone through.

Almost every person in their generation knew someone who went to war but didn’t return. The war was felt in every part of the planet earth. My dad served in Navy in the Pacific. Others I knew served in various parts of Europe. The main thing I remember knowing was that the people who served had a common purpose. They understood what was at stake.

They were unified in saying Yaaas.

After the war communism and stories of plots were common. Everyone I knew said yaaas to democracy.

While many boomers served in Vietnam, and it presented its own problems, it was segmented to Southeast Asia and I remember all the protests to the war. I don’t remember hearing a resounding yes.

The yes was cloudy, even hazy.

I’m not sure if that’s why boomers became a generation of protesters who questioned almost everything. Boomers tend to be relational. They are goal oriented. We were the first generation who seized the opportunity to attend college. Up until that point a few men had attended college, but very few women were given that choice.

I remember having a choice to go to college even though I was a woman. My Mother’s generation of women either worked for a while then married and had children or they married and had children. There were a few depression generation women who went to college, but not many.

Boomers knew we had a choice.

In some ways boomers were the first generation that said Yaaas to making our own choices.

That included choices related to spirituality and practice.

I’ve read articles in the past five or ten years that say boomers who didn’t initially choose to attend church regularly are now choosing God. Notice how I worded that…

They may not choose church, but they choose God. They choose to practice and worship God in their own way.

What is important here is that they are open to listening to God.

2 Corinthians 1:20 tells us, “For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.”

For myself, I chose God first and my means of worship second. God has always been the center of my life. God was the easy choice for me because God became the central part of my life when I was young.

I’ve been part of many different churches, even many different denominations in my life. I can say each was different but God was the same.

God was always the same with me.

I say YAAAS in God.

Through God I utter Amen.

For God, I give glory.


Spiritual Practice: YAAAS

Say YAAAS to God today. Open your hands and say YAAAS to what God has for you.

In God, Deborah


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